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Winner Alert! Winner Alert!

Congratulations to the winner of a £1000 Gift Voucher!

The prize draw closed March 1, 2014.

We are contacting the winner by email – As soon as the winner is confirmed, we will post an update here!

Our Previous Winners!

iPhone 5c Winner: Kerry M. of Croydon
"Arrived as planned, thank you so much!"


Weekly Prizes £250 Gift Voucher Winner: George P. of London
"This is my first time winning something!"


Vax Vacuum Winner: Kelly R. of Bradford
"Congratulations to Kelly from Lucky Day!"


Weekly Prizes £250 Gift Voucher Winner: Maggie H. of Northumberland
"Thank you, it is my first ever win and ASDA is my favourite shopping store!"


Weekly Prizes £250 Gift Voucher Winner: Rachel R. of West Sussex
"Thank you very much! I'm so happy! :-)x"


Weekly Prizes £250 Gift Voucher Winner: Jan G. of Essex
"I have received my vouchers and I had fun spending them. What a fantastic feeling it was! I also shared a few with my two brothers as we all had a birthday last week. What a birthday we had!! Once again I thank you from the bottom of my heart!"


iPad Winner: Michael C. of South Yorkshire
"Product received with gratitude!"


Weekly Prizes £250 Gift Voucher Winner: Kizzie M. of Northamptonshire
"Still Can't Believe I Won! I've never won anything like this before, thank you! :)"


Weekly Prizes £250 Gift Voucher Winner: Kevin G. of Durham
"I would just like to thank everybody at Lucky Day for the vouchers my wife and kids had lots of fun spending them."


Weekly Prizes £250 Gift Voucher Winner: Paula H. of Gloucestershire
"I can't believe I won, I never win anything—thank you so much! xxxx"


Macbook Air Winner: Alex W. of Northern Ireland
"I was overjoyed to win the MacBook Air in the prize draw, and have found it to be an absolute dream to use."


Weekly Prizes £250 Gift Voucher Winner: Keith W. of Manchester
"It was brilliant to win £250 of Next vouchers! My shopping experience to Next was brilliant time, got a complete outfit for my stag do for the end of July many thanks again."


Weekly Prizes £250 Gift Voucher Winner: Lesley B. of Lincolnshire
"I'm thrilled to bits! It's 2 weeks before pay day, my win has come just at the right time - thank you so very much!"


Weekly Prizes £250 Gift Voucher Winner: Michael M. of West Sussex
"This is fantastic as I was just about to start on my summer food diet thanks to my win, I have lost weight with the excitement! Thank you so much and love to all."


£1000 Gift Voucher Winner: Galina S. of London
"Thank you very much!! I am very happy to receive them and am excited and looking forward to my shopping! I will be trying again and again and thanks a lot to Lucky Day!"


Gaming System Winner: Gema T. of Stockport
"I received my Gaming System and my choice of 2 games today! I never thought I’d win anything, as I’ve never won anything before! This made a great Christmas present and definitely saved me money, thank you for the win, it's AMAZING!!!"


Macbook Air Winner: Sarah K. of Ontario
"Yay I'm so excited thank you! I've never won anything in my life!"


iPhone 4S Winner: Vicky W. of Addlestone
"I am so shocked. Have never won anything before. Thank you!"


iPad Winner: Terence L. of London
"I've just received the great news that I've won an iPad!"


Dyson Vacuum Winner: Sharon B. of Lancashire
"I would like to say thank you to Lucky Day for choosing me to test the Dyson Vacuum on a free trial and then be able to keep it for free! I have never won anything before!"


£250 Gift Voucher Winner: Michail R. of Northampton
"I still can’t believe that I won. Thank you very was really unbelievable!"


£250 Gift Voucher Winner: Helen M. of Glasgow
"This came at the right time, never won anything before, brilliant!"


£250 Gift Voucher Winner: Yvonne M. of Staffs
"Thank you very much for my gift vouchers!"


£250 Gift Voucher Winner: Jack V. of Stirlingshire, Scotland


£250 Gift Voucher Winner: Whitney H. of Longhope
"I have never won anything before and it was a real shock. Now I can go spending at ASDA! So happy. Thank you :)"


£1,000 Gift Voucher Winner: Madeleine N. of Crawley
"Thanks Lucky Day you have made my day... Lucky. I was so surprised and receiving the vouchers was amazing. Thank you :)"


46" LCD TV Winner: Leslie W. of Somerset


iPhone 4 Winner: Alan Y. of West Sussex


iPad 2 Winner: Julie C. of Sudbury
"I’ve entered loads of competitions not thinking I would ever win anything, so I was mega surprised and pleased to win the iPad 2! I use it every day - thanks Lucky Day!   –Sent from my iPad"


Macbook Air Winner: Sarah B. of Tonbridge
"Happy to be using my MacBook Air – it’s fantastic!"


£1,000 Gift Voucher Winner: Laura C. of Glastonbury
"I am a bit overwhelmed as I'm not used to spending money on myself!"


Macbook Air Winner: Stuart H. of Rushden
"Thank you so much again for the laptop! ... Please find a picture attached!"


iPhone 4 Winner: Patricia M. of Londonderry
"Wow – I have never won anything in my life! Thanks a million."


£100 Gift Voucher Winner: James C. of Newcastle
"Thank you Lucky Day!"